Ventilation control

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Ventilation control

Ventilation control systems are extremely important for laboratories:

« Ensure safety: at the same time, meet the stringent EU EN14175 and North American ASHRAE110 standards, accurately control the poisonous gas in the Fume hood to prevent leakage, avoid cross contamination between rooms, and ensure that the exhaust emissions meet environmental protection regulations. The system can automatically alarm, record, and respond to unexpected situations, ensuring the safety of users.

Reduce energy consumption: Research has shown that air conditioning energy consumption accounts for about 70% of the overall energy consumption in the laboratory, while fan energy consumption is about 15%, and the rest is for lighting, instrument electricity, etc. Therefore, reasonable design, selection, implementation, and use, especially the use of reasonable control methods, have become important means to reduce energy consumption.

Comfortable environment: Under the premise of ensuring safety, through reasonable design and implementation, ensure the temperature and humidity of the room as well as reasonable airflow organization, and provide a comfortable working environment for users.

« Convenience of use: ensure that users can easily start, stop, use and operate exhaust equipment such as fans and Fume hood; The central monitoring system can timely and accurately produce usage reports and provide energy consumption management suggestions, which is convenient for users to improve the use and management of the laboratory.

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