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Fume Hood

Fume hood is an indispensable part in the ventilation design of laboratory. In order to prevent laboratory staff from inhaling or swallowing toxic, disease-causing, or unknown toxic chemicals and organisms, there should be good ventilation in the laboratory. To prevent the absorption of some vapors, gases and particles (smoke, soot, dust and aerosols), pollutants must be removed by Fume hood, hood or local ventilation.
The Fume hood is divided into constant air volume Fume hood, variable air volume Fume hood and clean air Fume hood (tubeless Fume hood) according to the functional type; According to the structure type, it can be divided into ordinary desk Fume hood, low desk Fume hood, walk-in Fume hood and desk Fume hood; According to the material type, it can be divided into all steel Fume hood, PP Fume hood, wooden Fume hood, etc.

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