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pal Lab focuses on laboratory EPC engineering and is your ideal laboratory partner.

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  • Construction consulting

    Construction consulting
    Whether it is the need for new laboratories, renovated laboratories, or other laboratories, as one of the leaders in the laboratory industry, Pyle Laboratories is duty-bound to provide professional consultation and advice to customers.

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  • plan and design

    plan and design
    A thorough understanding of customer needs, combined with rich professional experience, the ultimate pursuit of details, timely and reliable project delivery, and professional and comprehensive project management are important cornerstones for the success of the Pyle experiment.

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  • decoration

    As the overall solution provider of the laboratory, Pyle Lab provides laboratory decoration services, as well as the design and construction of various professional laboratories such as clean laboratories, constant temperature and humidity laboratories.

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  • Solution

    Pyle Experiment is mainly engaged in turnkey projects such as laboratory furniture, Fume hood, VAV ventilation frequency conversion control system, special gas centralized supply system, laboratory purification and cleaning system, laboratory constant temperature and humidity system, various laboratory instruments and laboratory decoration.

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  • After Sales

    After Sales
    Paier Experimental has an efficient technical support system, a complete organizational structure, experienced engineers, and advanced communication methods, providing good guarantee for customer service.

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