corporate culture

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corporate culture

The core values of Pyle's experiment are: integrity, progress, cooperation, and innovation.


· Comply with national laws and company regulations, and never violate high-voltage lines;
· Putting morality first and adhering to the principles of fairness, honesty, and trustworthiness in dealing with people;
· Use the power of integrity to have a positive impact on the surroundings.

be enterprising:

· Due diligence and efficient execution;
· Be brave in taking responsibility and proactively facing new tasks and challenges;
· Maintain curiosity, constantly learn, and strive for excellence.


· Having an open and win-win mindset, sharing development achievements;
· Willing to share professional knowledge and work experience for mutual growth;
· Having a holistic perspective, collaborating with other teams to achieve goals together.


· Creating value for users is the driving force of innovation;
· Everyone can innovate, everything can be innovative;
· Dare to break through, have the courage to try, not afraid of failure, and be good at summarizing.


· Build a century old brand and strive to become a customer satisfied laboratory overall solution service provider.
· Pay attention to long-term development and not harm user rights due to commercial interests;
· Pay attention to and deeply understand user needs, and meet user needs with excellent products and services;
· Emphasize communication with users, respect their feelings, and grow together with them.

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