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After Sales

Paier Experimental has an efficient technical support system, a complete organizational structure, experienced engineers, and advanced communication methods, providing good guarantee for customer service.

The after-sales service department will directly handle or transfer to the corresponding departments and personnel based on the different issues or requirements of customers. The after-sales service department will arrange dedicated support engineers to keep track of customer issues or requirements until both parties are satisfied with the results. We have a scientific processing process for customer faults, which greatly shortens the response and processing time of the problem. And we have established a fault handling record through our customer record system, which facilitates us to timely understand various information and track, review, and analyze customer issues.

The Paier Experimental Technical Support and after-sales service department provides you with diverse, timely, and convenient after-sales service methods. Users can request technical support through various methods such as voice, email, fax, etc.

No matter how the user service request is received, it will be entered into the user profile of Pyle Experiment in the form of a call log and enter our normal fault handling process.

In order to provide customers with professional and efficient system product technical support services, and ensure the stable operation of customer equipment, Paier Experimental Technical Support and After Sales Department provide professional hotline support services to customers through a service hotline.

We will provide technical problem acceptance services and maintenance problem acceptance services, and our senior technical support engineers from Paier Experimental will provide different service responses and problem handling based on the severity of customer problems.

Pyle Experiment promises to you:

After the product is sold, we provide a one-year warranty to establish a customer profile for you;

After three months of product after-sales service, send professional personnel to visit and regularly conduct phone calls;

If the product needs repair services, you can directly call our company. The company will respond within 1 hour and repair it within one to five working days (depending on the distance between the equipment usage point and the after-sales service point);

The maintenance personnel dispatched by the company are comprehensive technical personnel or technicians who are familiar with the structure of the company's related products and have the ability to handle maintenance affairs independently;

During the product warranty period, if the product is damaged due to its own quality issues, free repair will be provided. After the warranty period, only repair parts, materials, and labor costs will be charged;

When the product needs to be repaired, if it cannot be repaired on the spot, our company will provide a replacement product for customers to use until it is repaired and returned;

After three months of installation acceptance and delivery, a comprehensive maintenance will be conducted. During the specified warranty period, our company conducts inspections every six months until the warranty period expires; After the warranty period expires, we will continue to provide lifelong after-sales service for our products with a consistent style.

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