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Building a Dream for the Future and Walking with Love - Pyle Experiment | Baby Exploration Day Activity Successfully Ends


Children are the flowers of our motherland, and families are the strong support of our employees. Behind every employee who charges the front line of Pair, there is a family who silently pays their respects and provides strong support. On August 29, 2023, the company launched the "Building a Dream for the Future, Walking with Love" Pyle Baby Visiting Day activity. Through a series of activities such as enterprise exploration, themed lectures, and painting workshops, the distance between enterprises and children has been narrowed, and the recognition and recognition between families and enterprises have been enhanced, gathering warm forces to ensure the high-quality development of Pair.
First stop enterprise exploration

By explaining the development process of the enterprise, logo culture, and internal structure of the laboratory, children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge were stimulated, and they were closely exposed to their parents' work, which gave them an understanding and pride in their busy lives.

Second Station Theme Lecture
Diligence, frugality, and thrift are traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. In ancient China, there was a saying that "by reviewing the wise countries and families of the past, one can overcome extravagance through diligence, frugality, and thrift." Today, the Eight Honors and Eight Shames of "being proud of diligence, frugality, and thrift, and ashamed of extravagance and waste" constantly remind us. Taking this opportunity, we played and explained the interesting and vivid popular science knowledge of "cherishing food and preventing waste" for the "babies".

Third stop: Painting workshop

In the parent-child activity room, the babies hand-painted the summer fan. A small fan, carrying a hint of summer breeze, expresses children's love for their parents.

Fourth stop: Childlike innocence and courtesy

The company has prepared surprise red envelopes and stationery gift packages for children to help them grow, and a sense of pride and honor has permeated their hearts. I hope the children will continue to make efforts and bravely climb the heights! The babies who came to "explore" felt the warmth of home in the unfamiliar environment, as well as the calligraphy gifts prepared by the children in advance, allowing the company to receive love while providing care. The launch of this event has revealed Pyle's care for the subtle aspects of our employees, truly providing us Pyle employees with a platform to coordinate everyone and our family... "said a precious mother who participated in the event.
Calligraphy gift

  Growth and care

  When there is a 'gift' moment

  Fifth stop Happy Lunch

Terminal Station
This activity has established a correct outlook on life and values for children, stimulated the spirit of scientific exploration, and illuminated their lofty dreams. Next, Pyle Experiment will continue to launch various activities to deepen and solidify the Pyle brand, continuously enrich the content and form of activities, stimulate team vitality, and strive to make more "babies" feel the joy of visiting relatives, feel the warmth of Pyle and the warmth of the big family, contributing new vitality to the comprehensive development of "Pyle for a century".
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